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The problem

Vulnerable communities across the globe are already experiencing some of the worst impacts of climate change. However, we lack the ideas and resources to help them adapt to these changes, and their coping strategies often have detrimental impacts on biodiversity



What is Climate Crowd?

Climate Crowd is a crowdsourcing initiative that convenes and supports a network of partners to gather data on how climate change is impacting people and nature, and supports on-the-ground projects that help rural communities adapt while reducing pressure on biodiversity

How does it work?
WWF provides training and guidance to partners on how to collect data and develop project ideas


Climate Crowd partners collect data from rural communities and submit reports to the crowdsourcing platform


We approve and post reports to the website. We also analyze the data and compile regular 2-page country summary reports that highlight key trends in the data
We present the data back to the communities, and work with them to design, fund, and implement on-the-ground projects that address climate vulnerabilities revealed during the data collection process
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