Join the Climate Crowd

Are you interested in collecting baseline information on how communities are being impacted by and responding to changes in weather and climate? We have resources to help!

We provide resources for partners to collect data, including interview tools and guidance, and a platform for the data to be housed. Data collected is then used to create summary publications, and pilot on-the-ground projects that help people and nature adapt to a changing climate.

Learn more about the Climate Crowd process by watching this video.

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Using the online submission form, data collectors can contribute several types of reports

key informant interviews

Our most common report type, key informant interviews are a social science tool used to explore a particular set of topics in detail, with someone who has extensive knowledge or a unique perspective on the issue. They can typically give an overview of community circumstances, as well as particular insights based on their position.

You can read our guidelines for conducting key-informant interviews, and download the survey. Be sure to select "Interview" under "Type of Report" when submitting your data into the online form, as this will populate the form with extra fields. In addition to the interview questions, use a descriptive title, write a brief summary description, and submit photos!

personal observations and stories

Submit one to two paragraphs on your own observations of how people and nature are being affected by changes in weather and climate, and how they are coping.

You can also write and contribute a story conveying information in narrative form based on your experiences.

Be sure to select "Personal Observation" or "Story" under "Type of Report" when submitting your data into the online form. In addition to your observation or story, use a descriptive title, and submit photos!

Submit a Report

Once you've submitted a report, we will review it before posting it to the map.