Year 2021 Kenya


Decrease human-wildlife conflict over access to water and pasture during periods of drought.



Community members from the Mara Siana Conservancy report the following impacts:

Reduced availability

of freshwater and pasture

Death and malnourishment of livestock

due to water scarcity and reduced pasture availability

Increased prevalence of diseases

in people and livestock

Increased human-wildlife conflict

especially involving elephants

Kenya-Improving water access-01
Kenya-Improving water access


Rehabilitation of a water pan

Project partners widened and deepened a local water pan and reinforced its walls.

Installation of four rainwater harvesting systems in two primary schools

Installation of a weather station

In Entumuto tented camp, the station allows local community members to collect and use weather information to better inform decision-making.

creation of a community water committee

The committee will keep track of water source users and wildlife sightings.

project outcomes

Watering pan rehabilitated for livestock and wildlife

Four rainwater harvesting systems installed with a 2,500+ gallon holding capacity each

1,500 people with improved water access

Water committees and fee collection systems established

Automated weather station installed

project design

Intensifying drought has increased competition over water resources between community members, livestock and wildlife in the Mara Siana Conservancy, resulting in frequent instances of human-wildlife conflict. To improve water access for wildlife, especially elephants that frequently venture into villages searching for water, Climate Crowd and WWFKenya collaborated to rehabilitate a key water pan. Additionally, through the installation of two rainwater harvesting systems constructed at two primary schools, the project will enhance community access to water and decrease the need to travel long distances into core wildlife areas where human-wildlife conflict often occurs.

Weather station installed, rehabilitated water pan supporting livestock and wildlife