Year 2021 Madagascar


Create sustainable alternative livelihoods for coastal communities that build resilience to changing rainfall patterns and reduce pressure on fisheries.



Ankoba community members report the following impacts:

Reduced abundance of fish

Increased reliance

on destructive fishing practices and equipment

Crop failure

due to insufficient or unreliable rainfall

Reduced availability of freshwater

Livelihood loss

due to crop loss and fish declines

Madagascar-Seaweed farming-01
Madagascar-Seaweed farming



of seaweed and beekeeping sites

Training local communities

on seaweed production and beekeeping techniques

Purchase and installation of materials for seaweed and beekeeping production.

Beekeeping requires recycled wooden boards to serve as frames, safety equipment to protect against bee stings, relief wax, stainless steel wire, and a queen grill. Seaweed farming requires buoys and rope of various sizes and lengths.

Provide market access

for the sale of products to the private sector

project outcomes

Increased household income from alternative livelihoods

Reduced pressure on fisheries

32 households involved in beekeeping

42 households involved in seaweed farming

Increased involvement of women in income-generating activities

Did you know?

In addition to being a resilient source of income for coastal communities, seaweed farming has a number of environmental benefits. Seaweed can help mitigate climate change by storing carbon. It can also reduce local effects of ocean acidification and improve oxygen levels.

project design

With agricultural production declining due to drought, people are relying more heavily on fishing, placing greater pressure on already strained fisheries. This project establishes seaweed farming and beekeeping to help households diversify their income and lessen the burden on marine ecosystems. Seaweed farming will be primarily driven by local women, facilitating women's involvement in income-generating activities.

Seaweed farming, beekeeping

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