Climate Crowd On The Ground is a compilation of 15 Climate Crowd projects implemented in 8 countries, helping to build the resilience of people and nature to a changing climate. These projects are informed, designed, and implemented hand in hand with rural communities around the world. A big focus of the projects is improved water security, for example through rainwater harvesting, drip irrigation, fog catchers, solar-powered boreholes, and greywater recycling. Other projects focus on climate-smart agriculture, alternative livelihoods, education for schools, reforestation, clean cookstoves, and weather stations. The Climate Crowd methodology is to provide training and guidance to local partners who work with communities to collect data using a key informant survey. The Climate Crowd team then analyzes the data, compiling summary reports that highlight key trends. The findings are then presented back to the communities, and we work with them to co-design and implement on-the-ground projects to address climate vulnerabilities using funding from Climate Crowd.